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Outsystems developer

Outsystems developer

40 hours


Do you want to contribute to a sustainable society? Do you want to improve and accelerate business processes by creating applications in OutSystems. Become the expert on OutSystems and contribute to massively increasing the value of OutSystems within this company.

What’s in it for you?

  1. An extensive starter program with meetings and informal activities
  2. Working with people from many different disciplines
  3. Contributing to a better society
  4. Become a Low-code specialist with OutSystems

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At Formorrow you get to know yourself better. Find that job that really suits you. And you learn to take your future into your own hands. Ready for an intake with us?
You will work for an engineering firm with a network of 22 offices in 10 countries that contributes daily to a sustainable society. On an annual basis they do more than 3,000 projects in the fields of water, infrastructure, environment and construction. For this, innovation is indispensable, including in the field of IT. One of the ways they want to do this is by using OutSystems to build new applications. Within the consultancy and engineering firm, a huge variety of projects are carried out in a variety of disciplines: for example, they design dikes, bridges, roads, tunnels, water treatment plants, electrical installations, and conduct research into air, water, noise and soil quality. All projects have in common that they are technical and multidisciplinary in nature and often have a major social impact.

Dit ga je doen

You will join a team that is a mix of software developers, low code developers, IT consultants and project leaders. As a low code developer you will work on developing digital services and automating our work processes. They use the low-code platforms of Outsystems and Microsoft (power automate and power apps) for this.

Based on the requirements and wishes of the customers, you will determine the appropriate technology to solve an issue, then prepare a technical design, and implement the solution in one of the platforms. Most importantly, you are able to think along with our customers, translate requirements and wishes into IT solutions and bridge the gap between the engineering and IT worlds.

You are empathetic and curious to understand the other person and have the confidence to come up with your own solutions.The focus is initially on development itself. Should you want to play a larger role in the future in, for example, querying requirements, they will be happy to think along with your growth ambition. It is a network organization, so it is important that you seek cooperation in order to find out which solutions you can build and to meet the requirements properly. Your ideas on how to implement improvements or use OutSystems and the other tooling are also greatly appreciated.

Your profile

Is this you?

  • You are a team player and networker
  • You are interested in Low-coding
  • You enjoy making improvements and speeding up processes
  • You don't have blinders on when it comes to tooling. Instead, you enjoy alternating in this and continuing to learn new things

Start your Formorrow journey

  1. Sign up and upload your resumé. Prefer to sign up anonymously? No problem at all.
  2. First we’ll check if your resumé is a fit with us; then we’ll confirm your intake.
  3. Accepted? During our Discovery Day you’ll get to know yourself better.
  4. Based on your insights, we’ll find out which jobs are most-suited to you.
  5. Starting your new job will coincide with starting at the Formorrow Academy.

The advantages of Formorrow

It’s all about you

We take our time in getting to know you. It’s the only way to be sure which job and employer will really suit you.

Two years at the Formorrow Academy

At the Formorrow Academy you’ll develop yourself, your professional skills and a vision for your future. Your coach will support you every step of the way.

Choose a career

A quick match or convenient job is just not our style. We will connect you with a career you can grow in.

For all you can become

Formorrow looks further ahead, helping you to build an impressive, sustainable career based on your unique strengths.

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