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Life Science Academy

Life Science Academy

40 hours

The Netherlands

Ambitious program for scientists with an interest in the pharmaceutical industry and personal development. In two years our Life Sciences Academy will teach you all you need to know to kickstart your career and excel as a versatile professional.

What’s in it for you?

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At Formorrow you get to know yourself better. Find that job that really suits you. And you learn to take your future into your own hands. Ready for an intake with us?
The Formorrow Academy will focus on developing scientific and professional skills to rapidly grow within the scientist domain.A career full of growth potentialThe first two years you are employed by Formorrow and you will start in a role as a scientist at one of our partners. In this role you will be involved in projects and responsible for the development of new methods for the structural and morphological characterization of classical vaccines and vaccines based on the adenovirus platform. Troubleshooting and planning, performing and reporting analyses will be at the core of your responsibilities.

Dit ga je doen

  1. As a scientist you are involved in the development, qualification, validation and transfer of physicochemical methods for release and characterization of vaccines
  2.  You will work in close collaboration with other scientists and assistant scientists as well as with scientists from various disciplines such as preclinical, clinical and vaccine process and analytical development.
  3.  During the academy you will have a huge amount of things to learn on-the-job. If necessary you will receive proper subject related training.
  4.  Besides this professional development, Formorrow will provide intensive career coaching and training focused on your personal development.
  5. Depending on your interest, ambition and available opportunities, you could continue your scientific career at the client at the end of the Life Sciences Academy.

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  1. Sign up and upload your resumé. Prefer to sign up anonymously? No problem at all.
  2. First we’ll check if your resumé is a fit with us; then we’ll confirm your intake.
  3. Accepted? During our Discovery Day you’ll get to know yourself better.
  4. Based on your insights, we’ll find out which jobs are most-suited to you.
  5. Starting your new job will coincide with starting at the Formorrow Academy.

The advantages of Formorrow

It’s all about you

We take our time in getting to know you. It’s the only way to be sure which job and employer will really suit you.

Two years at the Formorrow Academy

At the Formorrow Academy you’ll develop yourself, your professional skills and a vision for your future. Your coach will support you every step of the way.

Choose a career

A quick match or convenient job is just not our style. We will connect you with a career you can grow in.

For all you can become

Formorrow looks further ahead, helping you to build an impressive, sustainable career based on your unique strengths.

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