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For talent that will grow with you

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Vind IT Talent - Formorrow

Looking for an IT or life-sciences professional? With the Formorrow method, we connect talent with employers that bring out the best in them. And we’ll connect you with that one team member who can grow with you, taking the entire recruitment process off your hands.

Andrik van de Weerdhof

Inge Lebbink
Business Unit Manager

The Formorrow method
will have talent choosing you

Our scientifically proven method connects IT- and life-sciences talents with careers to grow in:

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We help talents get to know themselves even better. To discover which jobs and organisations are best suited to their personalities, dreams and abilities.


We focus on a sustainable match: you consciously choose the talent - and the talent consciously chooses you. Laying the foundations for a deeper connection that will last.


Two years at the Formorrow Academy will see your new team member develop all the self-knowledge and professional skills needed to grow in your organisation.

“People here see you for you, you're anything but a number. They don't try to fit you in a box or frame based on your skills or educational background. Rather, they look at all your potential and possibilities.”

Raquel das Dores Cruz
Security Officer - ABN AMRO

All the benefits of a partnership with Formorrow:

Recruitment worries taken off your hands

We select the best university, applied sciences and PHD talents, take responsibility for your recruitment process and provide intensive support.

Fast growers

Thanks to our tried-and-tested Formorrow Academy, our talents are proven to grow faster.

Talent that fits right in – and stays

We go for the long-term connection: Formorrow talent stays on average for five to seven years.

Your brand in the picture

The return on a joint investment in your employer branding: exactly the right university and college graduates.

Ready for Formorrow’s IT- or life sciences talent?

Looking for talent for your organisation? We’d love to help you attract that one talent that fits right into your team and organisation. Curious how the Formorrow-method could work for you? Call or e-mail us, or fill in the contact form and we’ll be happy to help. We proudly work together with partners like:

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For all your questions

Can I choose which talents I hire through Formorrow?

As soon as talents match with your organization based on our thorough Discovery Day, we will introduce them to you. In a one-on-one meeting, we seek a mutual match. At Formorrow, talents and employers always consciously choose each other.

How does Formorrow contribute to a sustainable employment relationship?

We aim for a long-term match: with the use of the Formorrow method, our talent stays with the client for an average of five to seven years. Because of the Discovery Day, talent makes a conscious choice. This makes recruiting talent through Formorrow an investment for the future.

How does Formorrow create exposure for my organization?

Together we invest in your employer branding to select the right university and college graduates. Through an intensive network at colleges, universities, fairs and social media, Formorrow has built up an extensive database of students and starters. In this way, we put your organization on the map with the right target group.