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Start je carrière bij Formorrow

Just graduated from university, applied sciences or have a PHD? Have you set your sights on a career in IT or life sciences? Formorrow will help you find your ideal job while teaching you all you need to know to shape your future. Going deeper than any other life-sciences or IT traineeship could.

Dive deeper. Grow further.
With the Formorrow method



Get to know yourself even better and discover which jobs suit your personality, dreams and hidden talents.


We’ll find the employer where you’ll feel at home. And who’ll bring out the best in you. Today, tomorrow, and all the days to come.


During the Formorrow Academy, you’ll deepen your self-knowledge. Strengthen your skills. And develop a long-term vision of your growth.

Start je IT carrière bij Formorrow

Know yourself

Your skills are important, of course. But on the Discovery Day we’ll start with who you are. Probe your strengths. Find out what makes you tick. And share your dreams with our psychologists. You’ll be given a deeper insight into who you are. And we’ll find out which jobs suit your personality and talents.

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Find your match

Acting on insights obtained during the Discovery Day, we won’t look for just any job, we’ll look for a career. Together we’ll find the employer where you’ll feel right at home. Where all that you have in you will surface. And where you’ll have room to flourish. Today — tomorrow, and all days to come.

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Grow ahead

Started your job? Then you’ll also start at the Formorrow IT or Life-Sciences Academy. For two years you’ll learn all you need to know to shape your career. Deepen your self-knowledge. Strengthen your professional skills. And develop a personal vision of  your future, supported by your coach.

IT Academy
Life Sciences Academy

“People here see you for you, you're anything but a number. They don't try to fit you in a box or frame based on your skills or educational background. Rather, they look at all your potential and possibilities.”

Raquel das Dores Cruz
Security Officer - ABN AMRO

The benefits of Formorrow

It’s all about you

We take our time in getting to know you. It’s the only way to be sure which job and employer will really suit you.

Two years at the Formorrow Academy

At the Formorrow Academy you’ll develop yourself, your professional skills and a vision for your future. Your coach will support you every step of the way.

Choose a career

A quick match or convenient job is just not our style. We will connect you with a career you can grow in.

For all you can become

Formorrow looks further ahead, helping you to build an impressive, sustainable career based on your unique strengths.

For all your questions

In what fields does Formorrow work?

We operate in the IT and life sciences fields with our academies. Our first  Academy started in 1997 in the field of IT. The Life Sciences Academy was added in 2015.

Do the Formorrow academies always last two years?

Generally, the Formorrow academies always last 2 years. This entire period, you will be working at the organization of your choice. Aside from that, you will follow all the subsequent activities in your academy.

Do I attend an academy before I start working through Formorrow?

No, our academies start on your first working day with a company. However, our specialties have a slightly different approach. These are technical deep dives with boot camps that you follow before you start working for a company.

Can I get started via Formorrow without attending an academy?

No, our academies come hand in hand with the vacancies we offer. Meaning that when you work via Formorrow you always follow an academy.