Een tekening van een glimlachend hoofd dat naar boven kijkt. Het hoofd zweeft voor een blauwgroene cirkel. De bovenkant van het hoofd ontbreekt. In dit hoofd staat een mannetje met hetzelfde gezicht. Hij kijkt glimlachend door een verrekijker naar rechts.

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About to start a promising career in the world of life sciences? And itching to make a difference? In two years, our Life Sciences Academy teaches you everything you need to know to kickstart your career and excel as a versatile professional. We dive deeper, to look further ahead. That makes the Life Sciences Academy the best foundation for a future in life sciences.

“People here see you for you, you're anything but a number. They don't try to fit you in a box or frame based on your skills or educational background. Rather, they look at all your potential and possibilities.”

Raquel das Dores Cruz
Security Officer - ABN AMRO

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The advantages of the Life Sciences Academy

  1. Personal development is leading
    If you know who you are, you can build a future that transcends your professional skills.
  2. Your personal coach
    Career sparring with a real-world top coach who’s always there for you.
  3. Excel as a professional
    Boost your career – with everything you need to accelerate your growth.
  4. Your regular Formorrow group
    You’ll go through training sessions as part of the same group, spending two years with them.

Deepen your self-knowledge

We’ll prepare you for a career that’s built around you. This means: knowing who you are to become who you want to be. In a thorough training programme focused on personal development and effectiveness you’ll learn what makes you tick, what energises you, how to work together optimally… and above all: how to excel as yourself. All things that will benefit you throughout your career.

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A few of the things you’ll learn:

GRIP stress management

With the GRIP technique, you gain insight into your stress and energy sources. In a 1-on-1 session, a GRIP coach helps you interpret the results and translate them into practice.


Good negotiation skills are essential. In this training, you will not only learn the basic principles of negotiation, but you will also learn how to use them in a way that suits you.

Time management

To-do lists that never seem to end, new priorities that are added by the hour and all of them feel as important and urgent. Sounds familiar? In this training, you learn to organize your day in such a way that you get a grip on your time and your tasks.

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Become a better professional

Want to be more successful by developing your professionalism? Formorrow takes an integral approach to accelerating your professional development. On the one hand developing all the necessary skills with targeted training. And on the other hand supported by a personal coach to help you to flourish. Boost your career and prepare yourself for every opportunity that awaits you.

Shape your career

Together with your personal coach you’ll look way ahead. Where do you see yourself? And how do you want to get there? Your coach will answer all your questions about today’s realities – and tomorrow’s. Your coach will guide you through minor frustrations and existential issues. In confidence, of course. And with every faith in you.

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Meet our Career Coaches:

meet our Career Coaches

For all your questions

Can I choose the courses myself?

The majority of our soft skills training is programmed into the academy. In addition, we have a range of optional workshops to which you can register yourself if you are interested.

Who are the coaches?

Our coaches have a long list of experience. Either experienced in the IT or life sciences field. Experienced in coaching. And experienced in mapping out a career path through a well-thought-out step-by-step plan.

What can I expect from a coach?

The goal of coaching is to stimulate your personal, functional and career development, with a focus on the long term vision. Your coach will help you with this process. You give the direction and your coach facilitates.

Can I select my coach?

Just like you and your new workplace, there must be a good match between you and your coach. Does the chemistry between you and your coach stand in the way of effective coaching? Then we look for a solution together.