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The academy dedicated to empowering scientists

Discovering my potential

“The potential of today and your possibilities of tomorrow” that’s what Formorrow stands for. They are dedicated to better understanding talents and developing a career that matches who they are. For people who want to work in the pharmaceutical sector, Formorrow has an appealing curriculum. Starting from the selection process, Formorrow indulges you in some self-reflection. This will provide you with a list of all your strengths and pitfalls, that might guide you towards the kind of work you wish to take.

formorrow - 9 November 2022 - 3 min

How was your Formorrow experience?

The Scientist Academy within Formorrow, places a greater emphasis on personal growth by offering group training where you collaborate with a team to develop and hone your soft skills. Formorrow provides group trainings which cover a range of subjects, including fundamental and advanced communication, time management, stakeholder management, and setting boundaries at work.

The “Take off weekend” is a great addition where we get to know one another and ourselves better, as an individual and as team players, and have a lot of fun together. In addition, Formorrow also provides you with a career coach to discuss your personal and professional growth where you can focus on the topic of your interest and what you want to develop. Personally, these trainings have been very insightful and have helped me know myself better and boost my confidence.

My personal and scientific growth since Formorrow

Almost a year ago, after my PhD, I joined the academy. At present, I am working as a Scientist at Janssen Vaccines with Formorrow. I am very happy to be part of academy and am also grateful for the opportunities I got to focus on my personal growth. Finally, I believe that the lessons I have learned will be very beneficial in the next phase of my scientific career.